Mark Malyshev


My project is a music catalogue which is ready to sync with games, trailers, movie or promo material, to name a few examples.

The catalogue contains different types of sync and cinematic music that I have composed and recorded with different artists.

Production includes top plugins and sound libraries of SFX, percussion, and VSTs that I have recorded on my own. Some tracks include vocals performed by singers from different countries.

Before starting Music Production degree at TAMK, I played in a local band and slowly started recording small pieces of sound design and trying to combine those with music.

Now I concentrate on soundtracks and recording individual sound libraries and FX. Idea of that is to provide music with individual colour and texture.

These days most of the sound effects sound the same thus it is good to be able to use not so huge but still energetic FX in music and sound design. The other thing is combining live recordings of different size from orchestra to chamber acapella singing and make both of them sounds honest and interesting.