Karri Mikkonen


Karri is a 23-year-old composer and music producer from the town of Jyväskylä, Finland. He started playing drums at a young age, and since then has been playing in different bands. Now he has settled to a indie rock band called Wends, who have been playing gigs in the Canadian Music Week and Tallinn Music Week, and a year ago they released their first full-length album.

On the side with pop and rock music, Karri has also composed music for games and short films. He says it’s nice to change the scene from pop to orchestral from time to time.

For some time now, he has been concentrating on a project with Simeon Puukari. They together have been writing songs and producing them for a female artist called ELO. ELO is a beautiful mix of exotic jungle beats and arctic chills. Her voice is fragile yet powerful, creating a soundscape so interesting it makes you want more. Her lyrics are inspired by stories of broken love, friendship and the hope to become stronger day after day.

This is the new era of Finnish music. They are eager to find new people to work with to take the next step.

Contact: karrimikkonenmusic@gmail.com