Alvaro Moreno


Alvaro Moreno is a 30-year-old music producer and sound engineer from Caracas, Venezuela. After years of working as a musician he got interested in producing music for other artists and musical projects.

After moving to Finland in 2008 he realized that his strength was in finding new good bands and getting their music heard. He has been on-stage both as a musician and as a technician and, of course, also listening to concerts from the  audience’s point of view and that has given him a broad understanding on what the audience like .

Since 2014 he has been working with live events as an organizer, promoter and mostly as a sound engineer. He believes that the future of the music business lies in live events where both the artist and the audience are in the same place, at the same time, enjoying the good sound of music through some quality speakers.

”These are times when having the right team of people; promoters, sound technicians and mixing engineers, among others,  is crucial for a successful career as an artist. Lets make that happen”

– Alvaro Moreno